Radiesse® (Wrinkle Filler) - Fort Worth, TX

What to Expect

The beauty of Radiesse® is that patients notice a visible difference almost immediately following an injection. As the injection ingredient stimulates ongoing collagen development, results are longer lasting than with other fillers. You will see increased volume to the face which smooths wrinkles for up to a full year. When results are no longer apparent, patients may repeat the procedure.

Plan Your Procedure

Average Cost $425 - $600
Recovery Time 1 Week
Avg Procedure Time 30 Min
Post-Op Follow-Up 4 Weeks
Recovery Location Out-Patient

Administering Radiesse®

If you desire wrinkle-free skin but aren’t ready for surgery, you may want to consider Radiesse® injectable wrinkle filler at Anderson Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in Fort Worth. Unlike other fillers that only fill in fine lines, Radiesse® also stimulates the growth of collagen, the skin’s major structural protein. Our body’s natural collagen is what gives skin a supple, youthful appearance, but as time marches on this collagen breaks down, allowing wrinkles to form and facial volume to decrease. But with Radiesse® calcium-based injections, your own collagen production is reawakened, promoting a natural-looking decrease in the nasolabial folds, laugh lines, and other signs of facial aging. Treatments take as little as 15 minutes, provide immediate volume correction, and ongoing results last up to a year or more.

Radiesse® FAQs

What About Other Fillers?
There are a myriad of injectable wrinkle fillers from which to choose, and finding the right one for you takes careful consideration. Collagen, calcium hydroxyapatite hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, and PMMA are all popular fillers, each with their unique benefits and purposes. Fillers such as Radiesse® are considered temporary, even though the results may last up to a full year. During your consultation, our qualified skin technicians will carefully review with you the benefits of each type of injectable, as well as evaluate your facial tone, laxity, and volume level, in order to arrive at the best filler choice for you.

What Makes Radiesse® Different?
Radiesse® is a one-of-a-kind filler composed of calcium-based microspheres that naturally stimulate collagen production in the skin. While it produces results similar to that of hyaluronic acid, patients are usually happier with the corrective results obtained with Radiesse®.
What About Side Effects?
Radiesse® treatments typical produce mild, temporary symptoms of redness bruising, and/or itching immediately following treatment. Symptoms will dissipate within a day or two.