Permanent Makeup (Cosmetic Tattoos) - Fort Worth, TX

About the Procedure

Once the client has thorough communicated their wants and concerns with the tattoo technician, the permanent makeup is applied. Cosmetic tattooing can be performed with a traditional tattoo coil machine, a pen machine, or a hand device. The device chosen will be based on the location of the tattoo and the design to be created. After the procedure, the client is provided with aftercare instructions specific to the area that has been tattooed.

Plan Your Procedure

Average Cost $175 - $750
Recovery Time 1 Week
Avg Procedure Time 1-4 Hours
Post-Op Follow-Up 2 weeks
Recovery Location Out-Patient

Surgical Techniques


For patients with skimpy or no eyebrows, using makeup to hand-draw eyebrows can be a time-consuming hassle, and difficult to draw consistently every day. A cosmetically tattooed eyebrow design creates a natural and consistent look for the patient.

Upper eyeliner

If you struggle with applying eyeliner because of shaky hands, or you simply don’t have the talent to achieve the look you want, permanent eyeliner along the upper eyelashes can make uneven lines and smudges a thing of the past. You’ll have a perfectly symmetric look, as subtle or dramatic as you wish.

Lower eyeliner

When properly applied, lower eyelash eyeliner makes eyes appear brighter and fuller, but it can be challenging to apply correctly. Lower eyeliner is also prone to smudging and settling in the lines under the eyes, accentuating wrinkles and making you look older. Cosmetic tattooing is perfect to create smudge-proof, effortless, eye-opening liner along the lower eyelashes.


Full lips

If constantly reapplying lipstick throughout the day is taking too much time and effort, you may want to consider permanent makeup for the full lips. Lips can be pigmented with a neutral shade or in your favorite color so you’ll always be picture-ready. As an added bonus, you can apply traditional lipstick over the cosmetic tattoo, which will increase the staying power of the traditional lipstick.

Lip liner

As we age, the definition around our lips diminishes and many of us resort to applying a daily lip liner. With permanent cosmetic lip liner, the lips appear fuller, have clear definition, unevenness is balanced, and there is no more worry of lipstick bleeding.


Permanent makeup comprised of tattoo pigment is a great alternative to traditional makeup. If you suffer from sensitivities to traditional makeup, have decreased vision or medically-related hand tremors or stiffness that keep you from applying makeup sufficiently, or if you simply want to save time in your daily routine, cosmetic tattoos may be right for you. Even when the physical process of applying makeup is not an issue, our Fort Worth clients are thrilled with permanent makeup that does not run or streak with sweating or swimming.

Permanent makeup is applied with the same tattoo machines used to create body art. The tattoo technicians at Anderson MedSpa can create or enhance eyebrows, apply permanent upper and lower eyeliner, and create long-lasting lip liner or lipstick in a range of shades. Clients who want to learn more about the freedom of permanent makeup should schedule a consultation at Anderson MedSpa to learn more.

Permanent Makeup Tattooing FAQs

Is It Safe?
When performed correctly by a trained technician, cosmetic tattooing is very safe. All needles are one-use, new, sterile, and opened in front of the patient. Prior to every procedure the room is sterilized and free of contaminants. Some machine parts are also single-use for each procedure, and the technician wears new disposable gloves and apron throughout the procedure. The patient’s chair is covered by a new, disposable sheeting.

Getting What You Want
Permanent makeup can be an intimidating decision due to the fear of results not meeting expectations. To avoid this, clients are strongly encouraged to look through the technician’s “Before and After” photos to determine if that technician’s general style fits the client’s desired look. Clients should also convey all their expectations and ask lots of questions during the consultation to ensure the technician understands exactly what the client hopes to achieve.
Is it Really Permanent?
Like any tattoo, cosmetic tattoos will fade over time from extended sun exposure and other elements. Most clients appreciate the fading as it affords an opportunity to choose different styles or colors as their preferences change. The makeup you choose at 30 may not be the look you want when at 60.