Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty) - Fort Worth, TX

What To Expect During And After Your Procedure

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility by a plastic surgeon. Most rhinoplasties can be completed in under two hours. After surgery, patients will wear a nose splint and will experience bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes. A nasal packing may be placed inside the nasal canal. After removal the bandages, packing, and splint, the nose itself will look normal, but the surrounding bruising takes longer to fully abate. It can take up to a full year for the nose to gain its final contour and softness.

Plan Your Procedure

Average Cost $7,500 - $11,000
Recovery Time 1-2 Weeks
Avg Procedure Time 2-3 Hours
Post-Op Follow-Up 1 Week
Recovery Location Out-Patient

Surgical Techniques

Open Rhinoplasty

Since it offers a broader view and better access to the inside of the nose, the open rhinoplasty is a popular approach. For this technique, the incision is made between the nostrils or underneath the nose near the nostrils. With the incision made, the skin is moved back to allow access to the internal structures. The resultant incision scars are nearly invisible, usually measuring only 2-3 mm.

Closed Rhinoplasty

For noses with irregular features that are easily corrected, a closed rhinoplasty is the typical technique. Noses with good shape, structure, and projection of the tip are likely candidates for closed rhinoplasty. The incision during this approach is not visible after surgery because it is made on the inside of the nose.


When you look in the mirror, does it feel like your nose belongs on another face? Do the proportions of your features seem not quite right? Or do you struggle with breathing comfortably and get complaints from your partner of excessive snoring? If any of these are true, Anderson Plastic Surgery of Fort Worth can help. Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty) can greatly improve self-confidence, which in turn improves how others see you. Health-wise, rhinoplasty helps many patients breathe more easily when undertaken to correct a deviated septum. Patients from across North Texas travel to Anderson Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth for Nose Reshaping Surgery performed by our skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Daniels. The results of rhinoplasty can be subtle or dramatic, from a simple bump shaving to a complete reconstruction. Our patients choose rhinoplasty for many personal reasons that include enhancing the size or shape of the nose, or repairing damage caused by an injury. Nose Reshaping Surgery can also be performed in conjunction with a second facial sculpting procedure like eyelid surgery or facelift.

Rhinoplasty FAQs

Are Surgery Fears Normal?
Absolutely! Our faces are our most personal feature, so choosing to alter it can be stressful. This is why it is imperative to find a plastic surgeon who is thoroughly experienced in rhinoplasty to perform your surgery. More than 350,000 people in the U.S. undergo rhinoplasty each year, making it one of the most common cosmetic surgeries.

Will My Nose Be Broken?
A planned break of the nasal bone is a beneficial tactic in about half of all rhinoplasties performed. If surgery is being done to correct an asymmetrical nose or to narrow the bridge, this method is a very appropriate practice and will heal nicely within just a few weeks.
What is a Nasal Pack?
After surgery, the nasal chamber will have gauze or cotton packs placed into it to control bleeding. While not necessary 100% of the time, they are typically used if the surgery includes the septum.
Is Surgery The Only Answer?
Some nasal deformities or injuries may be so severe that surgery is the only option for correction. However, the look of some noses may respond well to injectable enhancement from collagen, calcium hydroxyapatite, or fat fillers. “Injection rhinoplasty” is an in-office procedure that can soften and camouflage a bump, alter the tip of the nose, or smooth out irregularities.