Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting) - Fort Worth, TX

What to Expect During And After Surgery

Fat Transfer Surgery is an outpatient procedure performed at an accredited surgical facility, usually under general anesthesia. In cases of small injections, such as at the lips, the surgeon will use a local anesthetic. Following liposuction, the fat removal areas will be swollen and red, as will the injection site. This is a natural reaction of the body and will subside in a short time. Rest and intermittent cool compresses will be recommended to ease any discomfort. Fat Transfer Surgery is very popular among our Fort Worth clients because of its low risk, short downtime, and exceptional results.

Plan Your Procedure

Average Cost $2,500 - $12,000
Recovery Time 1-3 Weeks
Avg Procedure Time 1 Hour
Post-Op Follow-Up 1 Week
Recovery Location Out-Patient

Surgical Technique

During consultation, the surgeon and patient together determine which body sites are most appropriate for fat donation. Once the procedure begins, fat is removed from the donor site via cannula. The fat is then separated and purified, ensuring that only the healthiest possible fatty tissue is used for transplantation. Using a syringe, the surgeon expertly injects the purified fat into the transfer site. The injected area is massaged to help settle the fat in a smooth contour. Multiple injections are usually needed for optimal results.


Simply stated, Fat Transfer Surgery, or Fat Grafting, is the removal of fat from one body area via liposuction for the purpose of relocating it to another body area that is lacking in fat. This process adds just a little fullness to the cheeks or lips, or it can add significant volume and shape to the breasts or buttocks. Transferring fat to the buttocks is also called a Brazilian Butt Lift. Fort Worth plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniels, can remove fat from many areas of the body, but the most common donation sites are the stomach or thighs. With the excess fat removed, these areas become slimmer and are expertly contoured. The fat is then purified and prepared to be added back to the chosen locations. Patients of Anderson Plastic Surgery appreciate the safety of using their own fat over implants or fillers while still gaining equal results. They find that the gradual loss of volume from fat reabsorption is worth the peace of mind gained by using a completely natural product.

Fat Transfer FAQs

Are Results Long-Lasting?
A fat transfer procedure performed by an experienced plastic surgeon can provide an enhanced appearance that lasts for years. Over time, some of the fat will gradually reabsorb back into the body, so it is important to consult a plastic surgeon like Dr. Daniels who is skilled in understanding the proper fat grafting technique to create a lasting result. It is an evolving procedure, and the most modern techniques lengthen the life of the transferred fat cells. Platelet-Rich Plasma is one such technique. When added to the transferred fat, it can increase the cell survival, though this therapy is still under investigation.

Is It Permanent?
Fat grafting is generally a long-lasting change, but because transferred can will slowly reabsorb into the body, results can lessen over the years. Should you wish to augment a prior fat transfer, this procedure that can be performed again very easily, resulting in additional body contouring and enhancement.
Are There Alternative Procedures?
While fat transfers produce great results for many patients, you may not be willing to undergo an invasive procedure. If so, there are many options to consider, all available at Anderson Plastic Surgery. A facial injection such as BOTOX® may be enough to produce the desired result of wrinkle correction. For clients who need a volume boost, there are countless filler products including temporary fixes like collagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as heavier fillers like PMMA, which offers lasting results.