After Weight Loss Surgery (Post-Bariatric Surgery)
Fort Worth, TX


Significant weight loss is a joyous accomplishment. Energy levels, ease of movement, and overall health are greatly increased. But sometimes patients find that even after reaching their goal weight through lifestyle change or bariatric surgery, they still are not happy with their appearance. Loose skin on the arms, hips, and neck distract from seeing the true body within that major weight loss has achieved. Many of our plastic surgery patients desire to remove areas of excess skin and seek help at Anderson Plastic Surgery for what is known as After Weight Loss Surgery, or Post-Bariatric Surgery. We help patients achieve the physique they desire after major weight loss with surgical body contouring. Droopy abdominal skin, excess thigh skin, and loss of breast fullness are some of the areas which can be helped. For a variety of body contouring goals, our surgery team in Fort Worth works with each patient to develop individualized post-weight loss body contouring treatment plans.

Plan Your Procedure

Average Cost $8,500 - $15,000
Recovery Time 1-2 Week
Avg Procedure Time 3-6 Hours
Post-Op Follow-Up 1 Week
Recovery Location In-Patient

Conditions Treated

Several post weight loss conditions can be improved by surgical contouring procedures:

  • Deflated and sagging breasts with nipples that point downward
  • Loose and hanging skin on the abdomen
  • Excess skin and pockets of fat on the hips
  • Excess and deflated skin on and under the buttocks
  • Loose and hanging skin around the knees and inner thighs
  • Hanging skin on the underside of the arms (“bat wings”)
  • Loose and hanging skin on the neck (“turkey neck”)


Combination Surgeries

Every patient is unique, and so are their concerns after weight loss. Dr. Daniels works with each patient to define which body areas are most concerning. By reducing the amount of loose skin that collects and hangs on the body and lifting the body part, each part appears tighter, giving an overall more pleasing aesthetic. Since a patient will likely have multiple areas to be addressed, most surgeons will group body parts together and stage them in multiple surgeries. This decreases the risk of surgical complications such as blood loss and infection. While each surgical plan is formulated individually, typical groupings include:

  • Upper body (Liposuction, breast lift, tummy tuck, arm lift)
  • Lower body (Liposuction, butt lift, thigh lift, lower body lift)


What to Expect During and After Surgery

After Weight Loss Surgery is performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility by a plastic surgeon. A single overnight stay in the hospital is necessary for sufficient monitoring. Following discharge from the hospital, full recovery takes time, especially when combination surgeries are performed. The body has been through a lot at this point and must be allowed to recover at its own pace. Scarring is unavoidable, though surgeons make every effort to minimize and hide incisions whenever possible. Patients are strongly encouraged to adhere to lifelong healthy lifestyles in order to help their body recover as well as to maintain the results ultimately achieved through their weight loss and surgery.

After Weight Loss Surgery FAQs

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